Custom Doll Clothes Price List

Every custom order made at The Doll Tailor is made with extreme precision and with passion! We use high quality fabrics and the best materials that provide uniqueness to each garment . We make sure all stitches are sewn nice and strong so that your doll’s garments can last for a long time.

 The prices listed below, are determine by the difficulty,  intricacy /simplicity of the project. We all know that sewing from scratch is time consuming when done right. Therefore, if you wish your doll clothes to look professional and realistic, it does take time to create it.

Every outfit is well thought through and designed by the The Doll Tailor Team members. Please note that the prices indicated are per unit or per outfit excluding accessories

Bulk orders available . Please contact us for a more detailed quote and bulk prices . 

Here is a general price list :

Simple Top & Bottom: starting at $45 (2-3 hours min) ex: plain t-shirt and leggings without designs.

Intricate designs Top and Bottom: starting at $100 (4-6 hours min )ex: Button down shirt w/ Jeans 

Simple Top only: starting at $25.00 (1-1h1/5 min) ex: plain t-shirt or long sleeve shirt plain. 

Simple Bottoms only: starting at $30 (2-3 hours min) ex: plain leggings/plain shorts /plain skirt etc..

Intricate / detailed Top only: starting at $65 (4-6 hours min) ex: button down shirt / logo designed top/ multi fabric & textures/ jean jacket . 

Intricate / detailed Bottoms only: starting at $65 (4-6 hours min) ex: Jeans.

Costumes available : Beading and sequins work /intricate designs and intricate fabrics : starting at $350 :(20 -40 hours min) per outfit and excluding accessories.

If you’d like to add doll accessories to your order for example: earrings, shoes,  purses/ bags, headbands , necklaces, face masks etc .. an up charge will be applied 

Doll accessories : starting at $15 per unit and Up.


 Barbie graduation gown